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Our values.

Until 2014, we have developed technological solutions on different platforms for both our domestic and international partners. In 2014, we have arrived to the point, when we can finally develop multi­platform products for our international clients.


We both lead and play a significant role in several international projects using agile project management methods and delivering our own ideas to fruition.


With junior and senior software engineers, who are not only ready to further improve themselves, but are eager to dig them deep into the project, to learn something new.


Our partners provide business intelligence and high-­added-­value economic, technical and legal content. It helps our company gain access to a wealth of learning resources thanks to the exchange of experience and first­hand information.


We aim for authentic and never before seen or used solutions.

To keep ourselves in the confidence of our clients with providing them the best solutions available to date and to further enhance our own skillset, we have enlisted the help of University research program leaders and professors, who are uniquely recognized for their own area of expertise and achievements.


With the help of our senior- level colleagues who has more year relevant
experience in iOS/Android platform or those, who are expert in backend side,
we can follow our junior and mid-level colleagues’ development and support
them during work to advance their professional knowledge.

Android Development

Google Principles

You will learn all the tricks and know-hows of Android development, while keeping google’s guidelines flexibly in view.


A good variety of scope of duties ranging for UI building in XML through server-client communication handling, to the deeper layers of android development.

New technologies

You will be given the opportunity to learn and use the latest android development tools and technologies.(Databinding usage on MVVM, latest Support Libraries)


The teams are arranging weekly workshops, where you and your teammates will be given the chance the enhance your skillset with researching the most current and exciting themes you may meet nowdays.

iOS Development

Experienced Team

Be a part of Szeged biggest and most dynamically growing iOS team, where you can always turn to the senior engineers with questions.

New technologies

You will have the opportunity to study and learn the latest technologies with the help of our renowned developers(Swift, POP, watchOS, tvOS)

New devices

Our company always invests in the latest technological devices (Apple Watch/TV, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus), so that the engineers would suffer no delay in being able to start developing in that area.

Cups of Coffee
Lines of Code

Blog Posts.


Common GOAL, common SUCCESS

During work process our developers and testers aim to offer the most qualitative solution for our international partners following the latest technological trends.

Our key of success is teamwork: we are satisfied that we have such a great team, who are always motivated, determined and open-minded  to make innovative solutions together.

 Our relationship isn’t last till working hours. We are friends of each other with many common programmes like playing board game, sport, going to a concert or just drink some beer to celebrate a project.


High-tech Equipment

We are proud of our provided device arsenal. We always keep in mind, how important is obtaining the latest technology.

  • Apple Watch
  • Apple TV
  • Google Glass
  • Gear VR